Organisations and individuals are often judged by the quality of letters, reports and other correspondence they produce. Persons who possess the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in written form, achieve greater respect and are more likely to succeed and progress, than those who lack this skill. This course is the first of a two part course which focuses on the essential skill of business writing. The importance of this skill is often not fully understood and the problems posed by poorly written business letters, reports and other correspondence, are not realized.  

This Business Writing Skills Course is designed to provide the skills persons need to be able to write clear, well-structured, effective letters, e-mails, memos, bulletins, reports, and other business documents. 

What You Will Learn:

Target Audience:

All persons who are required to write correspondence and reports on behalf of their organisations.

Material Included:

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Business Writing Part 1 – Fundamentals

Unit One: Grammar

This unit examines the use of passive and active construction in business writing and its effects.

Unit Two: Sentence Construction
Unit Three: Spelling

A review of differences between American and British English.

Unit Four: Punctuation

A look at some common problems in the use of punctuation.

Unit Five: Usage 1

This unit looks at some of the problems that exist in the way words are used during writing.

Unit Five: Usage 2

This unit continues to examine some of the problems with words usage during writing.