The Leads Referral Network

What is the Leads Network all about?

How do I get started selling leads?

How much will I earn from the leads I provide?

Our lead traders earn income from commissions transactions conducted using information they supply. The amount will vary with each transaction, but our objective is always to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the result.

When will I get paid for successful leads?

Commissions due to lead traders will be paid on completion of lead transactions. You will however be required to provide banking details to facilitate payment of funds due since cash transactions are not conducted.

What kind of leads will be approved for sale on the site?

All leads will be welcomed if they are deemed tradable. For information to be deemed tradable, it means that the prospect is open to receiving quotations or proposals from recommended suppliers. Information that is deemed confidential will not be traded.

Leads can fit into a wide range of categories from: commercial and industrial supplies and equipment; property sales and rental; equipment rental; printing, construction contracts; and so on.

How will businesses benefit from the Lead Network?

The Lead Network creates a sales funnel that allows businesses to locate new prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and promotion.

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