TML Members receive several benefits such as: group coaching sessions, one on one coaching, free online courses, and opportunities to participate in exclusive discussion forums.

To become a member, you need to follow these steps:

Step One: Choose A Membership Plan

Two Plans are presently on offer. The Basic Plan allows members to become part of group coaching sessions that are designed to help them improve in areas identified for improvement following assessments conducted at the start of membership. Members are assigned to course areas as part of their development regimen.

The VIP Plan offers everything that the Basic Plan offers plus an opportunity for one on one coaching designed to deal with specific performance related issues the member may be experiencing at the workplace.

Step Two: Log Into Your Membership Account

Once membership is approved, new members will be able to log into their account from the Members Area menu. From your account,  you will be able to access courses, groups and forums assigned to you following your initial assessment.

Step Three: Take Part In The Activities

Members will be able to undertake assigned online courses. These courses are designed on a drip feed basis to coincide with proposed development plans which include group discussions. Quizzes and assignments are a part of the process, and members should make every effort to ensure that all instructions and requirements are followed.

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