Personal Finance Basics


A hands-on guide to personal financial master planning.


Why You Should Get This Product

The Personal Finance Basics ebook provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare a master plan that will help you take control of your financial future and achieve your goals. It is a must-read for anyone who is serious about setting goals and achieving them.


What It Contains

Chapter One: Some Basic Concepts

  • The Cost of Money
  • The effect of inflation on money

Chapter Two: Financial Literacy

  • What is financial literacy?
  • Habits of the financially illiterate
  • What are the benefits of being financially literate?

Chapter Three: Personal Financial Planning

  • What is financial planning?
  • What are its benefits?
  • Some basic concepts of financial planning
  • Key steps in developing a personal financial plan.

Chapter Four: Understanding Your Attitude Toward Money

  • What is your attitude toward money?
  • What aspects of family life while growing up may be affecting your attitude toward money in your present life?
  • How to identify who or what may be holding you back in your present life.

Chapter Five: Assessing Your Current Financial Position

  • How to determine how well off you are.
  • How to calculate how good you are at saving money.
  • Financial record-keeping

Chapter Six: Personal Budgeting

  • How To Analyse Your Cash Flow
  • How To Manage Cash Shortfalls
  • How To Track Your Spending

Chapter Seven: Managing Your Financial Goals

  • How To Set Personal Goals
  • How To Get S.M.A.R.T.
  • Steps To Establishing Your Goals
  • Some Common Personal Goals
  • How To Prepare Your Menu of Personal Goals
  • Developing Action Plans

Chapter Eight: Managing Debt

  • How To Determine How Much Debt You Can Afford
  • How To Get Out of Debt
  • What To Look for On Your Credit Card Statement

Chapter Nine: Making Major Purchasing Decisions

  • How major spending decisions should be made.
  • How much you can afford to borrow.
  • Exploring your options

Chapter Ten: Saving For Education

  • Budget Challenges in Saving for Education
  • Options For Funding Education

Chapter Eleven: Planning For Retirement

  • Developing a vision for your retirement
  • How to estimate how much you need to save for your retirement.
  • How to save for your retirement

Chapter Twelve: Saving and Investing

  • Personal Money Management
  • Your Investment Options
  • Your Risk Tolerance

Chapter Thirteen: Personal Risk Management

  • To Conduct Your Personal Risk Assessment
  • Develop Your Risk Management Strategy




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